This is a question I have been asking myself since I enrolled in college almost two and a half years ago. I originally wanted to be a Journalist because of a print publication, so I feel a strong connection to the importance of print media. However, I am highly interested in the way that media is transforming as there is a rise in online presence. I often wonder, what would happen if print journalism was no more? Personally, it seems to me that the old tradition of the newspaper is something that should not go away, because if it did, journalism would not feel like journalism to me. I do not plan on working for a newspaper, I am more interested in magazine writing, but I can still see why having the physical copy of the newspaper or magazine available is important.

I decided to look into what other people thought of the idea of getting rid of print journalism and found an article that lists five things that would be lost, which I found thought provoking. Tony Rogers, the author of the article, lists large news staffs, beat reporters, comprehensive and in-depth coverage, investigative reporting and journalists who aren’t millionaires as the five things that would be lost if we were to do away with print journalism.

As I read through the list that Rogers came up with, I could not help but mostly agree with him. While I am very much interested in the ever-changing world of technology and how that plays into journalism, I am still a sucker for traditional print journalism. I think that both forms are just as important as the other and I feel that the world of journalism would suffer from the loss of print journalism. Hopefully, we will not see the day that print journalism disappears.


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