Photo of the Snapchat logo courtesy of Flickr

When I think of Snapchat, I do not necessarily think of it as a social media platform used in journalism. After reading an article about how journalists can properly use Snapchat, I can see some benefits to using it as a platform for storytelling.

I am personally interested in being a features writer and it seems that Snapchat stories could be really beneficial to the storytelling aspect of features. The reason I would say Snapchat stories could be beneficial for feature stories is because it is clearly a very visually based social media platform. The article talks about photo stories as being a beneficial way of using Snapchat. I think this brings an interesting and appealing factor to storytelling through Snapchat.

I have not used Snapchat to tell a feature story, but I can see the potential in it. It is another way to make a story sweet, short and to the point, while still informing viewers. Something that I struggle with, is the idea of conducting interviews and whether or not people would find your story to actually be credible since Snapchat is so informal.

One of my favorite publications, Alternative Press, often has reporters for APTV use Snapchat as a way to cover events that they are at. I like watching the stories because it offers a look into what is happening, but still leaves you wanting to read what they write or watch what they produce on the event. I could definitely see there being a spike in activity on Snapchat for journalists in the near future.


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