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“Journalism has become a high-risk occupation. Freelancers face these risks with little or no protection.”

This quote caught my eye while I was reading an article on the importance of freelancers. In one of my classes, we had a guest speaker come in and talk to us about the digital side of journalism and the idea of freelance writing came up.

I always thought about freelancers as somewhat of a negative thing, and that is because I have been looking at it from a journalist’s viewpoint. To me, it seems like freelancers would be taking jobs that journalists could be doing, but after reading the short article I linked above, I now see that there is more to freelance writing.

While freelancers do pretty much the same thing as journalists, they are doing it without the protection that journalists get from the law. It never occurred to me that they would not receive any protection even though they are covering international stories that could be slightly dangerous.

Our guest speaker also touched on the idea that freelance writers are becoming a more sought out position because it allows people to be published at multiple publications rather than just one. It also opens up opportunities for journalists when they decide to look for a set publication to work for because they would have more of a portfolio.


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