blogging-vs-journalismThe article I read for this blog post was somewhat of a follow up to what I read for the last post. I was intrigued by the idea that the professor that wrote the last article believed strongly in teaching the art of blogging to her journalism students and wanted to know how other people felt about blogging and journalism.

Personally, I think it is beneficial for journalism students to learn how to blog, which I have stated before. I found the article by Ryan Young that compared blogging and journalism to show that there is a difference between the two. I found it to be an interesting read because of the idea of actually comparing the two styles.

The author used an interesting analogy when comparing the two by saying, “If you were standing on a street that just so happened to have a ‘Chuck E. Cheese’ next to a federal building, it would be pretty clear which was which just based on appearance and ‘feel’ alone.” I found this interesting, and a little humorous, because it actually kind of makes sense for the situation it is being used for.

For example, newswriting is a much more professional way of presenting information when compared to blogging, not saying that blogging isn’t professional. There are certain aspects that are very different for each form like targeted audiences, what the audience expects, structure and a few more.

Specifically I found the point about what readers look for in each form to be a very solid point. It is something that I have thought about before, but never really put it into a full thought like Young’s article does. He addresses this by mentioning that news readers are looking for an unbiased, well-balanced and objective read, while people reading blogs are looking for the opinions of the professionals that are writing the blogs. This is very important to keep in mind for writers when they are writing an article so that they do not stray too far from what is expected in their work.

Another point that I thought was important to make note of was that the structure for each form of writing is different from the other. For example, in newswriting journalists consult the inverted pyramid for the structure of the story. Blogging is a little more freeform, in the sense that blog posts are started by really trying to catch the reader’s attention, rather than just offering facts like in a news story.

I really enjoyed reading this article because, like I said, I knew that there were differences between blogging and journalism, I just never actually thought it through like this article.



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